Computer Data Recovery Software

Computer data recovery software to recover deleted files

Computer Data Recovery Software

A typical computer boots when its started, starting the operating system is the first step where the computer identifies its hardware and software components that work all together to provide user with complete computing experience.

In order for a successful computer boot process, the BIOS, operating system, and all the hardware components should work properly. Failure of any of these three elements leads to a failed boot sequence which results into unbootable computer.

In this situation an individual needs to first perform a check whether all the components of computer system are plugged in properly, there should be no lose connections and other checks to be performed are :

  • Do the BIOS recognize the drive?
  • Repair the MBR
  • Check the Cabling
  • Check it from a boot disk or bootable CD OS like Knoppix or Super WinPE
  • Switch it to another controller
  • Switch it to another computer
  • Check the IDE Cable
  • Check whether hard drive is receiving power or not?

After these checks, the main concern is left for the data stored on HD. If you can boot your computer system by performing the above mentioned check then your data is secure but if you cannot then you need to have computer data recovery tool to recover the inaccessible data.

Computer data recovery software for unbootable computers can effectively recover and repair the lost data. The computer data recovery software completely scans the hard drive and searches for data with the equipped three scan methods: Quick Scan, Extensive Scan and File Trace.

Select any of the scan methods and scan your drive. The data will be recovered with three of the scan methods. The File Trace scan method is helpful in such situations as this scan method scans every sector of the drive and recovers data from the HD.










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