Computer File Recovery

Recover deleted files with computer file recovery software

Computer File Recovery

Files saved on your computer system might get corrupt, become inaccessible or virus attacked at any point of time. The basic reasons which lead to file corruptions are access to malicious sites, adware, spyware, usb drive attachments. Virus, worms, trojans and spyware enter to your computer system with these mediums and harm your file.

The computer file recovery program efficiently recovers your corrupt file and folders which are affected due to such minor and major reasons. Deleted, corrupt, damaged, virus attacked files are effectively recovered with computer data recovery software.

Computer file recovery software provides 3 data recovery modes: Quick Scan, Extensive Scan and File Trace.

The Quick Scan recovery mode assures file recovery of deleted files, files lost due to bad sectors, boot sector corruptions, FAT corruptions, index corruptions, MFT corruptions, virus attacks, media errors etc.

Extensive Scan, an advanced data recovery mode recovers data which was not recovered by the Quick Scan recovery mode. This recovery mode is useful in cases of partition format, partition deletion, partition recreation and recovers file(s) which were deleted long time ago.

File Trace takes more time than other recovery mode(s), but is effective recovery mode which extensively scans the corrupt partition or drive and then recovers data from it. The recovery mode takes time in data recovery as it searches for lost data in sectors of the drive and then lists them to you.

Select any of the result oriented data recovery modes and recover your important and valuable data from corrupt, damaged drives.








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