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Computer Data Recovery is an effective tool to recover corrupt deleted data.

Computer Data Recovery Software Features

Computer data recovery tool is equipped with distinguished features which out stand other computer data recovery tool in the market. Computer data recovery software is cost effective and easy to operate.The key features of the computer recovery are:

Deleted File Recovery:

The deleted file and folder(s) of the hard drive are recovered effectively.

Types of Recovery:

Computer recovery performs two type of recoveries: Physical Device Recovery and Logical Device Recovery with the help of 3 recovery mode(s).

3 Recovery Modes:

Computer data recovery tool is equipped with three recovery modes: Quick Scan, Extensive Scan and File Trace.

Quick Scan - Its a quick recovery mode which recovers recently deleted files from the Physical and Logical devices. This mode of recovery is fast and effective which recovers data lost due to bad sectors, boot sector corruptions, index corruptions, partition deletions, MFT corruptions, and system file corruptions.

Extensive Scan - Its an advanced recovery mode with the data recovery possibilities from the corrupt, deleted, recreated partitions and even the files which were deleted long time ago.

File Trace - Its a slow data recovery mode which scans every sector of the corrupt hard disk drive and searches for lost data. This data recovery mode takes more time than the other two data recovery modes.

User Friendly Options:  


Save Snapshot - Users can save the scanning process by selecting the 'Save Snapshot' option and saving the file in evaluation version of the software and then loading the .rfx file in Full version of the software.

Load Snapshot - Users can load the saved snapshot in Full version of the software with this feature.

Find File(s) - Users can search for a specific file amongst thousand of recovered file(s).

File Filters - Users can Filter the file search process for recovered files in computer data recovery software.

Drive Information - Users can know information of their drive with this option like File system, start sector etc.

Supported File System:


 Windows Box
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