PC File Recovery

PC file recovery tool for corrupt windows partition recovery.

PC File Recovery

The file and folders saved on your computer system can get corrupt, damaged or deleted anytime. These file(s) could be your important databases, informative-legal-official documents, music files, sound files, images, photos, videos etc.

Sometimes you might just delete a file and after that realize the importance of that file. You are saved if that file is there in Recycle Bin, but what if its deleted from the Recycle Bin too. What will you do now? Is there any solution for this?

The PC File Recovery tool is such a data recovery tool to recover those files which are not visible to human eyes i.e hard disk recovery. The data recovery software is equipped with three recovery modes; Quick Scan, Extensive Scan and File Trace. The 'Quick Scan' recovery mode is fast and recovers the recently deleted file and folders. 'Extensive Scan' recovers files from the formatted and deleted partitions whereas 'File Trace' recovers data from the sectors of your hard drive. This data recovery mode scans your complete drive, sector by sector and performs raw recovery of data; files, folders, music file(s), video file(s), and every file stored on your FAT and NTFS file system is recovered with PC File Recovery tool.

If you need to perform PC file recovery software, you can select the "File Trace" data recovery mode and recover every single file and folder. The computer data recovery software is now easy with data recovery software offered by Lepide Software.







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